Celtique Energie are holding more surgeries in Fernhurst. If you would like to book an appointment, then email them at enquiries@celtiqueenergie.com

Unfortunately, the surgeries take place on weekdays during office hours, so anyone who works will find it difficult to attend.

Instead, FFF would like to invite Celtique to attend a public meeting. Andrew Tyrie, our local MP has offered to chair such a meeting. We have already approached Celtique but they have, so far declined, despite assurances that admission to the meeting would be by invitation, and assurances that they would have ample opportunity to put their case.

It appears that Celtique are not interested in full consultation (see the last post), despite it being a condition of their planning application.

FFF would also ask Celtique to publish the results of the survey that they conducted during their public exhibitions in June this year. They are quite happy to disclose that the majority of attendees found it informative (of course it was; before the exhibition no one even knew where the proposed drilling was going to take place), but they have not yet disclosed what percentage of people were against their proposals. Hmmm, wonder why?