Celtique CEO, Geoff Davies writes to local MP Andrew Tyrie....

  Celtique CEO, Geoff Davies

Celtique CEO, Geoff Davies

FFF have received a copy of a letter, dated 3 December, from Geoff Davies to Andrew Tyrie. The letter is full of misinformation and we have already written to Mr Tyrie providing him with the necessary facts.

FFF comes in for particular criticism from Mr Davies, so presumably we are having an impact. Here is an extract from the letter.......

"Furthermore, there is clearly growing concern over those few campaigners who have taken to social media to oppose Celtique and have resorted to scaremongering and spreading misinformation about our proposal. This has needlessly elevated tensions within the village and had led to bullying and marginalisation of the owners of the well site......As was widely agreed by those attending my presentation in Fernhurst village Hall in September, it is in no-one's interest to see the recent events at Balcombe repeated in Fernhurst. However, I truely believe that this campaign of scaremongering pursued by a small but vocal group of people has made the probability of such a recurrence more likely.......It is incumbent therefore upon all of us to ensure that hype does not become hysteria and that people are given all the necessary facts and information to have a rational and evidence based debate on this issue"

FFF are aware that Celtique monitor this site, so for the record:

1. We have never encouraged, nor do we condone, any action against the owners of the site, and to suggest that our campaign has led to "bullying and marginalisation" is possibly libelous.

2. We have not encouraged a Balcombe style campaign, and we have no controls over how people might choose to protest in the event that this application is successful and drilling goes ahead. Again, to suggest that our campaign makes this more likely is supposition and can have no basis in fact.

3. We are not scaremongering or disseminating misinformation. FFF invites Celtique to provide a single example of where we have done this. On the contrary, CeltIque make untrue statements along the lines that there is "significant support for Celtique's proposals within the community". FFF challenges Celtique to provide evidence for this statement... We are aware that they conducted a survey in June, but have refused to disclose the results.

4. FFF is very happy to have a "rational and evidence based debate", but Celtique have always refused to do so. Instead they have held 3 surgery sessions which have been attended by just 54 people. These surgeries are heavily regulated; questions have to be submitted in advance and no record of the meetings can be made and people attending them are not allowed to discuss the contents with any third party.

So, Celtique....be under no illusion. FFF is going to continue its campaign to ensure that people are properly aware of the significant and adverse impact your proposals will have on this village and the National Park.