Press release from the Cowdray Estate


Furnace Well Site Proposals

Press release

Cowdray Estate was approached by Celtique Energie about an alternative location, 18 months ago but we had concerns about the environmental impact on the area and decided not to proceed with the proposals.

Cowdray Estate has a number of concerns about Celtique Energie’s proposals for an exploration well at Nine Acre Copse, Fernhurst. These include traffic, noise, light pollution and the impact on an area within the National park.

Whilst it is recognised that the proposals on the table are for an exploratory well, it could be the thin end of a wedge which would have long term implications on the village of Fernhurst and the nearby residential and business properties.

There is not enough information about whether or not Celtique Energie is expecting to find oil or gas. If they find shale gas they may apply for consent to carry out extraction by Fracking or hydraulic fracturing techniques which may have long term environmental implications, such as pollution to the natural water resources, the potential for wellhead pollution or indeed earth tremors. Fracking requires vast amounts of water and we must question where this will be coming from.

We therefore have concerns about whether there have been sufficient investigations into the Environmental assessments which have been carried out, for instance; we question the results of the noise level survey which has been published in Celtique Energie’s consultation document.

We also question whether the relevant parts of the National Planning Policy Framework, (paragraphs 115 and 116) which relate to planning considerations for development proposals within a National park, have been fully considered

We also call upon Celtique Energie at this stage of the proceedings to make a public commitment supported by evidence that they will fulfil their liabilities in the event of contamination, given the potential impact their activities may have on the local community.