We have just received this letter of support from Keith Taylor MEP........Statement from Keith Taylor MEP to Fernhurst Parish Council


I was dismayed to learn that Celtique Energie plans to dig an exploratory well in Fernhurst, and that there’s the potential for fracking to take place there, given all the risks associated with this controversial technology.

We know that fracking poses serious environmental risks, including air and soil pollution, and threatens already overstretched water resources. It makes a mockery of the UK's efforts to tackle climate change. And it won’t even help bring energy prices down.

The Greens are completely against any shale gas exploitation. We need to heed the warnings and follow the examples of several other European countries, such as France, who have banned fracking completely. We should learn from other countries’ experiences, not blindly rush to make the same mistakes.

I will support the Fernhurst community in campaigning against any attempts to start fracking in the area in whatever way I can.