Letter from a Fernhurst resident to our local MP

Dear Mr Tyrie,

Firstly, thank you for your reply, and we look forward with interest to Nick Boles’ reply to our concerns on the potential environmental impact , disturbance to a rural community and how this also fits into National Park policies generally .

We heard this morning of the latest political move to encourage shale fracking companies with a tax benefit. We were outraged to hear of this latest development by this Conservative led coalition government.  We would have thought the first principle is to establish the social and environmental impact on the Country ,the general safety measurements required and how they are going to be properly monitored (Blackpool being a glaring example of how this does not work) before we even commence discussions on tax breaks! This whole obscene rush for energy security by any means and’ hang’ the environmental conquences smacks of political desperation and is potentially irresponsible.

To add insult to injury, your Government is offering ‘sweeteners’ to communities who could become blighted.  The detail of whether money is per fracking drill hole or well site is unclear and how communities will obtain a minimum 1% dividend is also unclear .  That aside the whole administration of these monies and who it goes to and how it is controlled has not been thought through. What would happen for example if a community accepted the ‘sweetener’ and there is a environmental disaster? presumably they have been ‘bought off’?

Why is it necessary to offer this to communities in the first place if the Government feels that the whole process is entirely safe and unobtrusive to the environment and to local communities.  We were never offered ‘sweeteners for nodding donkeys’ . Not only is this in this sense illogical it also feels morally unbalanced .

I do not agree with these proposals nor would I vote to accept them. I think it is an insult to our integrity and intelligence and we also believe it could lead to mass mismanagement, corruption and community infighting. What a great Conservative legacy that would be.

As you can see we are aghast that a Conservative lead coalition is proposing such polices and pushing through legislation in this dash for energy without it being properly thought through or debated in the Commons. Hopefully some principled people in the House of Lords might have something to say at some point.  As I have said before we do not know the long term impacts of this controversial procedure and the evidence so far from sites in other parts of the world do not bode well . We are about to potentially destroy the heart land of the UK – as this is not going to stop in Sussex or the Fylde.

Do we really want to leave this as a legacy for our children and grandchildren and stand accused of a knee jerk reaction for political and energy expediency?

This is not the Conservative party that we have voted for, for nearly 40 years!

Much of the electorate do not , and nor did we until about 4 weeks ago understand the potentially wide reaching impact of these actions on our green and pleasant lands!
For all Monsieur Hollande’s many faults he has at least taken a stand on this issue . I am sure there are other politically driven reasons behind this but in principle he is against it because we do not know enough about the consequences .

We do at least know how power stations work and technology and engineering has improved massively–surely we should be following this path whilst working hard on better answers to renewable energy. We would be prepared to pay more tax if this was a coherent policy.

The Western world are veering away from nuclear energy because of potential environmental disaster but quite happy to pump millions of gallons of toxic fluids into the ground a lot of which is regurgitated back  up to the surface and then has to be disposed of – where we don’t know? Why is this acceptable!?

Yours sincerely,