Confirmation of another house sale fallen through in Fernhurst as a direct result of proposed fracking


The following letter is the latest example proposed drilling is already having on the local economy:

"I have 30+ years in the oil & gas industry, also my partner is an investment banker and corporate analyst with recent experience in the coal seam gas and shale operations in the US and Australia.  Our opinion of this part of the industry is that it is particularly destructive to local environment (when it is in full flow - possibly wells at less than 1 km spacing) and governments are supporting these approaches to hopefully attain gas self-sufficiency as in the days of peak production in the North Sea.  Celtique are only proposing conventional exploration drilling but will be also assessing the shale gas potential.  This work will be a constant source of aggrevation and community distress, and based on our knowledge of the lead-times in these programs, it will continue for the next 20+ years and beyond.  As sales agents for this area, you should be aware of the consequences of this activity on property values and sales - experience in Australia shows that rural properties affected by coal seam gas drilling have had at least a 20% decrease in value, and in some areas, an inability to sell properties. 

Hence, we withdraw our offer for The Cottage, and the information requested on Friday is no longer required. 

Furthermore, we are no longer interested in looking for a property in this part of England affected by this drilling.  Perhaps northern Hampshire may not be affected yet, but further licensing could happen in the future."

Kind regards