South East Water declare severe water shortage - fracking uses up to 5,000,000 gallons of mains water PER FRACK!

Residents of Fernhurst and surrounding areas awoke to the following correspondence from South East Water this morning. 


"Dear Customer

The South East of England is classed by the Environment Agency as being seriously short of water and facing challenges with a growing population and limited water resources.

As part of our plans to manage this water challenge, the Government has approved our Customer Metering Programme, which will fit compulsory water meters free of charge to all our customers' water supplies by 2020. 

We plan to install your water meter within the next four to six months from now and we're writing to let you know that you may notice signs of our advance-survey work taking place, such as blue spray on the pavement marking where the meter will be installed.

It is important that we protect the environment we take our water from, and water meters will help us to manage these finite water resources."

Yes, this is the same 'Environment Agency' who have granted permits for all UK drilling sites, and the South East Water who will supply the mains water to Fernhurst, Balcombe, and the endless other potential drilling sites across the country as long as the UK government continue to aggressively push fracking on our communities.