Awkward letter to Local MP Andrew Tyrie: Water for fracking vs water for humans

A letter from Fernhurst resident following up from yesterdays news article - these are the sort of uncomfortable questions that politicians need to face.

 Local MP Andrew Tyrie

Local MP Andrew Tyrie

Dear Mr Tyrie


I am sure you would accept that water is vital for all forms of life, including human life.

We have just received a leaflet/letter from South East Water, the first paragraph of which reads:

"The South East of England is classified by the Environment Agency as being seriously short of water and facing further shortages with a growing population and limited  water resources."

The leaflet goes on to deal with the installation of meters to try and achieve a 10per cent reduction in water use.

How does your government square this potential shortage with its extreme rush to back the untried (in this country) use of hydraulic fracturing/fracking, an oil/gas extraction process which uses millions of gallons of water?

Your fellow MP, the Energy Minister, Michael Fallon is reported as telling the Evening Standard yesterday:

"Shale gas is everywhere ……… and the South could become the second biggest area of shale in the country."

So how will the needs of the humans in the South East for water to live be set off against the demand by the oil companies for water to frack? 

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Randall