Letter from Frack Free Fernhurster to SDNPA - why should fracking not be considered in the scoping application?

We need as many letters addressing this (in your own words) sent to the following asap!

Tim Slaney, Director of Planning
SDNPA, Rosemary’s Parlour, North Street
Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9SB

7th August 2013

Dear Mr Slaney


With reference to the above I have now seen your scoping opinion document and I have one principle concern which I would wish to raise with the Planning Authority.

The scoping request made by Celtique was in respect of the exploratory phase of  their works only and does not at this stage address their inevitable subsequent application to carry out hydraulic fracturing for gas extraction at the same site.

In the light of all of the recent press coverage and Celtique’s admission that a subsequent application for ‘fracking’ is a clear possibility, it is my view that the scoping application should have taken account of the likely environmental impact of the cumulative position.

In the case of fracking the extent of traffic, noise, light pollution, risk of water & soil contamination and air pollution are significantly greater than would be for the exploratory phase only and any Environmental Impact Assessment should reflect this.

My concern is that the construction and drilling phase alone will inevitably cause significant environmental harm to the well head and surrounding areas and that it would then be a relatively small step in planning terms to move on to permission for fracking. This in turn would set a precedent for allowing fracking within the South Downs National Park.

You will appreciate that a single fracking well head is unlikely to yield enough commercially extractable shale gas and that inevitably this will lead to 10’s if not hundreds of similar operations across the SDNP area.

May I please have your assurance that when the application for the exploratory phase is received it will be considered in the light of my comments above.

Yours Sincerely