South Downs Society Committee have resolved to oppose any proposals for fracking


"I believe you contacted the Society about becoming a member and also enquired about our position on fracking, or hydraulic fracturing.

Our Policy Committee discussed fracking at some length at their meeting yesterday. As the Society has long had a policy of supporting renewable energy as a tool in mitigating climate change, the Committee resolved to oppose any proposals for fracking, which involves exploiting a fossil fuel, (and including initial exploration) within the South Downs National Park. This opposition would be extended to cover proposals outside the park but likely to impact on views to and from the protected landscape.

In addition to concern about exploitation of fossil fuels and associated climate change, the Society is aware of, and shares, concerns about possible groundwater pollution and seismic activity, and will also look closely at other issues such as traffic, noise, light pollution and visual impact.

I enclose a membership application form and hope you will wish to join us in our efforts to conserve the beauties of the national park.

Steve Ankers
Policy Officer
South Downs Society"