Meet the Frackers - Celtique offers "meaningful and open engagement"


As many of you will know, Celtique recently wrote to people in Fernhurst inviting them to surgeries to meet with Celtique's senior managers to discuss the company's exploration proposals in detail.

Celtique explain that "oil and gas exploration is an emotive issue at present, fuelled in part by misinformation about the processes involved".

This is an interesting statement because Celtique are involved in misinformation themselves.....they claim that the application is for temporary exploration and will not involve the use of hydraulic fracturing.  However, we all know that the purpose of drilling an exploratory well is to confirm whether or not there are commercial quantities of  oil, gas or shale gas that they can exploit.  Both Celtique and their partners, Magellan, have openly admitted that they would seek to frack.  So why do they persist in trying to deceive us.  Perhaps they think we are stupid.  They will realise that we are not.

Celtique, in their letter, address us as neighbours.  Celtique should know that they have no mandate from the local population.  We do not want them as neighbours. If this proposal goes ahead, we will be the ones who suffer, whist they devastate the local environment and completely change the nature of this quiet village.

Let's be very clear about this....Celtique aren't interested in being good neighbours; they just want the money.

PS.  Celtique have arranged two surgeries, both during weekdays.  They last for 3 hours each and there will be 20 minute appointments.  That means that 18 lucky residents will have the opportunity to meet with Celtique.  This is what they mean by "meaningful engagement".