The message is starting to get out that you don't need to be local to the area, or even anti-fracking to object - please keep sharing!

A recent objection:

"Sir/Madam, I wish to object in the strongest possible terms to the proposal to allow oil and gas exploration at the Nine Acre Copse site in Vann Road. There can be no doubt that this area is still one of 'outstanding natural beauty' and I am staggered that anybody could believe that this is an appropriate area for locating such an installation. You may note that I am not a local, I am however a frequent visitor to the area and often enjoy long walks in, and around, Fernhurst and the nearby Blackdown Hills. I do not hold particularly strong views either for, or against, fracking in principle but do feel that there's a time and a place for everything and how anyone could believe that a picturesque field accessible only by a narrow country road is a viable option for this industrial exercise is quite frankly beyond belief!"