Please everyone write to your local MP expressing your concerns over the Infrastructure Bill and changes to trespass laws

 Our local MP Andrew Tyrie

Our local MP Andrew Tyrie

Below is a letter from local resident to Andrew Tyrie MP for Chichester (and Fernhurst).........

Dear Andrew
I hope you are well.

As you are aware the Infrastructure Bill is currently making its way through Parliament. I have previously written to you about my concerns over the proposed changes to trespass law. I was one of the people who responded to the DECC consultation which closed on 15 August. 99% of those who responded were against the change to trespass. Despite this, and despite assurances from your colleague, the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock that "any legislation will be dependent on the outcome of the consultation process" (letter addressed to you dated 9 September 2014), the proposals remain unchanged.

More worryingly, late amendments were put forward on Saturday 11 October, just one working day before the matter is to be considered by the House of Lords on Tuesday 15 October. Under these new amendments, the land under our property could be used ‘in any way for the purposes of exploiting petroleum or deep geothermal energy.’ One new clause approves ‘passing any substance through, or putting any substance into, deep-level land or infrastructure installed in deep-level land.’ Deep level ground within the context of this bill can be as little as 300 metres below the surface. Apart from the ‘substances’ involved in the act of fracking, this could then include re-injection of radioactive waste under our property without our permission. Fracking will produce very large quantities of waste flow-back fluid, laced with radioactive substances flushed out from the depths.

I am seriously concerned about these proposals, and more significantly, about the erosion of the democratic process; not only was the outcome of the consultation process ignored, but significant proposals have been brought forward that were not included in the consultation process.

I would urge you to press the Government to think again about these proposals and to vote against them at the appropriate time.

Yours sincerely