Geoff Davies, Celtique's CEO, responds to Fernhurst fracking legal block

  Geoff Davies, Celtique's CEO

Geoff Davies, Celtique's CEO

Geoff Davies, Celtique's CEO, has just been on the news responding to the legal block. He said that:

"trespassing caused only minor inconvenience, worth about 1 iota, a biblical term that equates to about £83.50 in today's money".

This demonstrates a staggering ignorance of the law. What the land owners are seeking to achieve is not to get compensation for trespass but to obtain an injunction to... prevent it. If such an injunction is granted the Celtique goes ahead, Geoff Davies and other officers of the company will be in contempt of court.

Although Celtique has never drilled a hole in its life, contempt is something that it is good at. Contempt for the wishes of the people of Fernhurst and the many thousands of people who use the National Park, and contempt for those who have legitimate concerns over the environmental and health risks.