South Downs National Park Authority "have concerns regarding the adequecy of the groundwater and noise assessments" by Celtique Energie in Fernhurst


The SDNPA has just published their own expert's review of Celtique's Environmental Statement, specifically in relation to Hydrogeology and Noise.

The review, carried out by consultants SKM, concludes that "we have concerns regarding the adequacy of the groundwater and noise assessments and do not believe that these are sufficiently robust to allow the impact to be assessed with an appropriate level of vigour".

SKM reviewed the information in Celtique's ES against 46 criteria, and graded them as follows....12 passed, 22 concerned, 14 failed.

It is clear from this, and the previous request from the SDNPA for additional information, that Celtique are either inept and cannot perform a proper environmental assessment, or (make up your own mind which is more likely), they know that there are significant environmental impacts that cannot be properly mitigated and have, therefore deliberately not submitted, or falsified the data.

In SKM's assessment of Noise impacts, for example, they conclude that, amongst other concerns, "..........
* There are discrepancies between noise emission data set out in different chapters (of the ES)
* The calculations are opaque and not reproducible
* Repeating the calculations using the information available suggests a higher noise level at receptors than reported in the ES. Indeed recalculated levels exceed the adopted limit, suggesting that those reported in the ES may be underestimates."