David Cameron is bribing councils - but he can't stop us


This weekend saw yet another official report calling for action on climate change - and an urgent end to our reliance on coal, oil and gas. [1] But right now, David Cameron is pulling out all the stops to make sure dirty fracking goes ahead in the UK.

He’s recklessly stepping up the UK’s investment in it, by giving tax breaks to fracking companies and buying off councils. [2] He’s even trying to change trespass laws so it’s harder to oppose fracking near you.

But it’s not working. And that’s because of people power. Public support is at a low, local councils are refusing to be bought off and local opposition is making it tough for fracking companies to start drilling. [3]

The momentum is with us now. So let’s get ahead of it and unite the tidal wave of opposition from across the UK. How? Let’s start with a petition - we need to show in numbers how many people want a frack free future - to ramp up the pressure David Cameron is feeling right now.

Will you sign the petition now? It’ll only take a minute:

In this dash for shale gas and dirty oil, David Cameron is ignoring the real threats of climate change: its impact on the world's poorest people, our wildlife and our natural environment.

And the claims Cameron and the fracking industry are making about the benefits of fracking are being torn apart. As for Cameron’s argument that fracking will make us better off, the government's own energy advisor says it’ll do nothing to reduce our energy bills. [4]

A huge petition signed by thousands of people is exactly what we need to demonstrate that people simply don’t want fracking in the UK. [5] But that’s just the first step. Together we can deliver the petition to every MP, and make sure fracking is a top priority for every one of them in the run up to the election.

We’ve joined forces with our friends at Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to build a huge people powered petition that no one can ignore. It’s already got more than 100,000 signatures. Can we make it 200,000 today?

Will you sign the petition now? Please click here:

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