Let's Talk Fracking


In June a range of Government representatives were invited to address the public’s questions at five Talk Fracking debates around the country. We were shocked that not one of them agreed to attend.

Since then the new Energy Minister, Matthew Hancock MP, has offered fracking companies half of the UK for drilling, completely ignoring the public's concerns.

But if enough of us stand together we can’t be ignored and so today we launch ‘My Fracking Questions’ – a website designed to make sure Mr Hancock answers your questions.

Question Mr Hancock in three simple steps:

Visit MyFrackingQuestions.org

Read the questions by clicking on the titles, then drag your top three into the circles above and click 'Get some answers'.

Choose whether you want to send your fracking questions by email or Twitter and please feel free to add your own questions into the email.

It’s time to make our voices louder. You can forward this email to your friends or share the following link on your preferred social network: http://www.myfrackingquestions.org.

If enough of us demand real answers - answers based on fact, not spin - we will reveal the truth about fracking.