The UK fracking industry has said without Gov changes to trespass law it will not take off - sign official consultation here!

There is just over a week left to respond to the Government's consultation on changes to trespass law which would allow Frackers to drill under property without the owner's permission.

We need to stop this change of law. The Fracking industry has said that without it, Fracking in this country will not take off.  This one change in the law is so crucial to the success of the industry that all concerned citizens must complete this government survey.


Here is an example, please feel free to adapt for your response:

"Government fracking survey (change of trespass law).

Q4. No
Landowners should have control over what happens beneath their properties.
The proposed change in this law is to facilitate the oil and gas industry enabling them to drill horizontally under our properties without the permission of the landowner. I do not want drilling under my property and refuse to suffer the reduced amenity and increased health risks that this will bring.

These risks are comprehensively documented by the communities that have suffered them in the US and, despite what our government would have us believe are very real. The insurances companies obviously think so which is why they won't provide household insurance cover against problems caused by fracking (I have letters from two large insurance companies stating just that).

Q5. Yes
In my opinion changing this law at this time is anti-democratic and further illustrates that our government does not work for its citizens but instead for big business and in the case of the Tories, their friends and relatives.

I for one will whole heartedly support civil disobedience if this law is changed, accepting that it was our government that first disregarded the democratic rule. This is a slippery slope and likely to further undermine respect for law and order.

Q6. No
At base landowners must have the right to refuse access to fracking underneath their properties. If the industry wants to persuade people to relent by paying them all well and good. However the industry must also be made to compensate all those whose amenity is affected by it. This includes those who see and hear fracking rigs, those whose property value is reduced by it and those whose roads become destroyed and clogged with tanker traffic.

When the amenity of those affected by intensive fracking is factored in correctly fracking can be seen clearly for what it is, an expensive and ecologically damaging method of fossil fuel extraction."