WSCC Highways remove their objection to Celtique's application


Celtique recently submitted additional traffic information and a traffic management plan in an attempt to address objections from the Local Highways Authority.  Our own planning consultant reviewed this new information and, unsurprisingly, found it full of errors and mis-representations.  Despite the fact that the HGVs that Celtique plan to use cannot safely gain access to the site and have to cross into the opposing highway and will result in an unacceptable increase in the volume of traffic, WSCC Highways department decided to remove their original opposition.  WSCC seem to believe that all the problems can be solved by having a set of traffic lights at one of the pinch points along Vann Road.

Either WSCC Highways department are incompetent or have bowed to corporate and political pressure.

Please everyone who has previously submitted an objection, write to the SDNPA saying that the traffic management plan from Celtique does NOT address the traffic issues.

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