Celtique Energie have submitted proposals to drill for oil and, potentially, shale oil and gas, near Fernhurst in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within the South Downs National Park.

This proposal to explore the geology beneath the site may ultimately lead to the use of a highly controversial technique called FRACKING (to see fuller explanation, click 'What is Fracking') which is a new technology and still at an experimental stage in this country.  There are potential hazards involved.  The focus of our campaign has been to provide information to the residents of Fernhurst and the surrounding communities on the impact of these proposals, to question whether this is the right place to be proposing a large scale industrial experiment and to oppose the planning application in a National Park and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Planning Application

Frack Free Fernhurst instructed experts in traffic, noise , light and environment to review the planning application and their reports highlighting the deficiencies in the planning application where lodged in March.  The public has also shown its opposition to the planning application by lodging over 1500 objections.

Following their review of the initial documentation, the SDNPA (the planning authority) then suspended the application pending compiling their request for further information.  The SDNPA delivered two substantial requests for further information in March.

CE have now submitted their further information and have requested a hearing date of 10 July which has been agreed by the SDNPA. Once the information has been published, FFF will be reviewing the information.

What can I do now?

1. Write and send your letter of objection using the following guide to the South Downs National Park Authority who will make the decision:

Submit an objection

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